Senin, 01 April 2013

Increasing Attendance at Perbanas institute Library


Prepared by
Silvia Devi and Dwirahmi Arifin

Executive Summary
Every person needs a good and service. People has a different things for need. For learning activities, a student needs some media and facilities to support their  learning activities. The one of the students need is a library. Every school and the campus provides library, as a service that is given to help students learning process. In the library, students can get books and other things information they  needs. other than that, here also provided a place of learning for students. This facility can also be used without payment.

Students need for learning service. Student needs service providers such as libraries, because in here we can get the book and various other information that they need. Students need a good library service, with adequate facilities. So their university should be able to provide good library services for students, to support students achievement. Good library service is to provide a variety of books on students  needs. Some students not be able to buy the book. so that, very required  book lending services.
Perbanas Institute gives library services. The availability of libraries to facilitate the students get the books and other information is needed. Library service that is given now better than ever. Friendly and knowledgeable staff are always available to give advice and to help with computing and information problems in the library, if the room’s condition is cool, it will make more comfortable for the visitors who come, but a collection of books that are still have not complete.
Perbanas institute library gives some service facilities for students. There are some facilities such as lending books, lockers, reading room, reference room, and skripsi room. The collections of books in the library is quite complete eventhough  Perbanas Institute  needs more books. The categories of the books which is provided in the book refers to the fields of economics. Students borrow  books  and they have to return the books at the time limit. In here,  Perbanas Institute also provides locker to keep the visitors goods, bags, and other items that can not be brought into the library. The reading room is on the third floor and the fourth floor, on the 3rd floor available books and mandatory student here is often used by the students to read or study personally  at the reading table which is served on the side of the bookcase on the floor, while the fourth is often used student to read and learn in groups. Reference room is a room that contains a collection of general journals as well as several articles and a collection of the issues in the use of students as a reference in the thesis work. Then the thesis that there is space here in specially provide for students who are working on Final Project Paper.
Perbanas Institute library has problems in giving services for students. There are some drawbacks that the students felt for the service that is provided such as the collection of books, wifi networking, and quietness. The collections of the books in the library that Perbanas Institute provided are incomplete and not up to date. Moreover, the condition of the books here too much are deprecated and is not worth the taking. And then wifi networking, sometimes the wifi network in the library is not good. Students need a good wifi network to facilitate Internet access in libraries. Internet is one of media that is also required students to help in learning. The atmosphere created in the library is less comfortable, because of his lack of composure in the library.
To increase the quality library service, Perbanas Institute Staff should:
First, The library should add more to the collection.The book collection provided needs more up to date. Students should keep the books in a good conditions, and try to not damage it.
Second, wifi networking in the library is not good. To solve this problem, there are several steps. Perbanas needs to check what the problem is. If the problem is slow connection, maybe it’s because of the small scope. To solve this, Perbanas has to add the router that used to expand the scope or change the old router withe the better one.
Third, there are some things that can do to create a quietness in library, such as: make a tighter rules, make a control in the whole library, and give a warning to noisy students.
Fourth, Perbanas Institute library should be capitalize on existing technology such as computer detecting barcode already in the match with books that match has been arranged in accordance with the classification of books.
Fifth,  Perbanas Institute library should provide a comfortable seat for the reader, air conditioner and lighting which suitable for readers.

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